Chairman's message

Dear Student,

School life is the most joyous period in your life, perhaps you may not know. The ultimate purpose of your coming to the school is for your transformation into a fine person who can live with happiness and self esteem in this modern world. Make this your definite goal throughout your life.

Your Alma Mater must be precious to you. This particular spot on the surface of the earth gives you the necessary, nutrients for your growth and development. Always feel proud of your school. Feel proud to be ‘Sabarigirian’

You must be punctual in attendance and school work. Whenever you prepare for an examination, aim for the highest
marks in each Subject Participate in as many competitions as possible. Identify your special talents in sports and arts and develop them. Have an open mind. Learn good communication skills.

Helping others and serving the society must be a passion for you. Do you know, discipline is actually organized unselfishness. Give due respect to all teachers and elders. Learn to face difficult situations in life right from childhood. Be smart in your movement, gaze, talk, and turn out.

Be a good reader treat books as your best friends. Make use of the school library as much as possible The encyclopedias kept in the library are just to widen the horizon of your knowledge.

Lastly keep smiling and be happy at all times , so that you become one of the dearest sons of God.

Wishing you ‘Good Luck’ throughout the year.


Summer Vacation Camp 2015 start on 6th April 2015


Roller Skating Students of Classes II,III&IV (Below 10 yrs) to report to SRS on 13/4 for selection to ROLL



Sports Day on 12th December 2014 at Sabarigiri School,Anchal


36th Annual Day Celebration & Merit Evening on 10th January 2015 at Sabarigiri School auditorium Anchal


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