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Mr. Binil Kumar M.S. (M.A., B.Ed.)

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”

          Right from its inception, over four decades ago, the Sabarigiri English School has pledged to transform education in more ways than one. We are a mission-driven community and are fuelled by the passion to transform young lives. Located in a lush green landscape in the heart of Anchal town, the school provides an ambience for a lot of creative activity. We mould your children with gentle hands and shape their personality to turn them into enlightened and efficient citizens of a prosperous nation.

          Ideas are seeds of thought. With this in mind concept development is given due importance in the pedagogical process. Skill development is taken care of at every stage of learning. Green skills, soft skills and technological skills are developed. At Sabarigiri, the parents, teachers and the school authorities work as a team and compliment each other’s efforts. The children are educated in such a way, that they become capable of educating themselves. They become lifelong learners. We strongly believe that education is meant to transform mirrors to windows. The school is led by the motto ‘Empowerment through education’. The teaching community forms the backbone of the institution and they are selected after a process of strict scrutiny. They are fuelled by their passion towards teaching and are well equipped to mould the children into shapers of their destiny. The synergy of their team work has led the institution to greater heights.

          We have left no stone unturned in equipping young minds to meet the challenges of an ever changing competitive world. As the Principal of this prestigious institution, I would like to dedicate my 27 years of experience in the field of education, for the amelioration of the student community. We are a team of professionally committed individuals and we welcome everyone to this abode of  education and discover the magic of learning.

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